As a kid, I always wanted more time with my parents. Now, as a father and husband, I never have enough time with my own children and wife. It happens to all of us. Life is so busy. Jobs, chores, after-school activities, laundry, homework -- all of it pulls us in so many directions, right? There's never enough time to do the things that we really want to do with the people we love.

Through my portrait sessions and the fine artwork displayed in your home, I give you the quality time you need to be fully present for your family and the daily reminders of how much you love each other. I tailor your portrait session to your needs and produce museum quality framed photographic prints or heirloom albums that will allow you to best enjoy -- and forever remember -- the time you spent together.

Do you have any questions or, are you ready to schedule your family portrait session? Call me at 860-593-0850. I look forward to serving families and kids who live in Avon, Simsbury, Farmington, Canton, Granby and West Hartford. Of course, I am open to traveling beyond the Farmington Valley as well.

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CLIENT Testimonials

We had a great time. As Tessa said, that was not what I expected! You are a photographer with a very keen eye not only for your subject but also for getting us to really connect. I’ll remember Tessa and I on the ramp for many years to come.
— Eric R.
Your photos spark joy and it’s clear you have a special connection with your subjects and the result is they seem to have an inner glow (luminous), and thus connect through their facial expressions and stance intimately with the viewer. I’m a huge fan.
— Deb B.
I’m used to being photographed in a studio in a staged setting where the photographer is telling you how to pose and smile. I have to say, it was quite the contrary; it was a very pleasant and unobtrusive experience. While my son and I were playing and hanging out, we didn’t even notice that Seshu was shooting and taking pictures with us. You knew he was there but it was not intimidating at all; it was very comfortable and natural.
— Al P.
From the moment Seshu walked through our door he felt like part of the family. He blended right in with our home environment and became friends with Nick almost instantly! Because of this the photos of Nick are priceless and now proudly displayed in our home! I would and have eagerly recommended Seshu Photography to friends and family.
— Trisha M.