About ME

As a father of two boys, I recall the first few days after their birth, filled with awe, a sense of mystery and absolute confusion. I didn't know what to do and where I fit in. I suspect a lot of you are like that too!

Whether you have a new born infant or a teenager about to head off to college, you'll always be a mom or a dad to that person. How do you celebrate your relationships? What token of affection do you hold onto to remember the good times?

I believe photographs displayed prominently at home have an incredible opportunity to prime emotions, connect everyone and recharge relationships.

Hi! My name is Seshu (“say-shoe”) and I have years of experience photographing families and children in a relaxed and comfortable manner. If you are looking for a photographer who makes people look their best and also feel their best, you just found him. Yes, that's me on the right.

I create intimate, sentimental and playful photographs of the highest quality for a select number of portrait clients in Connecticut and beyond!