Celebrate your child's personality today!

Engaging and emotive portraits of your children are missing from your walls. Let's change that. After a summer break, if your kids are anything like mine, they have grown taller, found new activities to enjoy, read new books or found a new band that they call their "favorite ever." How you choose to celebrate who they are today is how they will come to see themselves in the future. As a parent do your part and sign them for a quick portrait session where we draw out their personality and celebrate who they are for us today!


Where and when are the sessions held?
The back-to-school sessions are held on September 15 & 16, in Seshu’s home-studio in Avon, Connecticut.

How long are the sessions?
The sweet spot, I’ve found, for most kids is 10-15 minutes. Plan for a 15 minute session. But I am staggering these over 30 minutes each, starting at 9 am on both days. Please be on time for your session. If you are late, your session will get moved to the end of the day if and when I have any time left.

What age group are these sessions best for?
Kindergartners to high-school seniors are welcome to sign up!

How do we choose the portrait we wish to order?
Each child will be assigned a gallery and a link will be provided to the parent(s). Mark your favorite. The photograph is then enhanced to look its very best before being sent to a professional lab on the west coast to be produced and delivered directly to you. The photograph will arrive mounted on a thin styrene backing that extends the life of your print and makes for a great presentation all by itself, or you may choose to frame it. Your choice!

We wish to order additional portraits. How do we do that?
Easy! If you order multiples of the same photograph, they are 50% off the original price. So, for example, if the first 8x10 you order is $100, the second, third or fourth ones are just $50 each. Just contact me after the original has been delivered to you, so that I can reorder the additional photographs for you.

Do we receive a digital copy of the photograph we choose?
Great question. Yes, with every portrait you purchase, you get an amazing web-sized digital version, perfect for sharing on social media or keeping on your phone. We actually work with one of the best print labs in the country to provide you with amazing print quality that is not available to the average consumer. We work so hard to get you epic photographs and want your images to shine!

Can we bring props / stuffed animals / musical instruments etc?
Yes!! Pick one or two things your child is into at the moment and bring that along. I’ll do my best to include them in the photographs.

We prefer color photographs. Is that an option?
Absolutely! Your gallery will have options for both. Simply choose and mark    the photograph you wish as your favorite (it’s the star icon under each photograph).

Is my session fee refundable?
Due to the way this special event is being structured, sorry, your session fee is not refundable. If you need to move your session to another time, schedule permitting, I am happy to do so. The very last option to offer you a credit towards a regular family portrait session or towards another "back-to-school" session if and when that is scheduled.

Are siblings allowed to sign up?
Absolutely. Only thing is that they will be photographed individually and one after another, so plan on scheduling them back-to-back. There may be opportunities to photograph them together (no more than two siblings at a time due to time and space limitations), but that wholly depends on if we are able to find the time to do it.

We would like to keep our child’s photograph off of the internet. Is that possible?
Yes! Just let me know at the time of your child’s session and I will be sure to keep your child or children’s portraits private. You'll still receive a web-friendly version of the photographs you order.

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